Our Services Include:

  • System analysis and Cleanup
  • System optimization to boost your system speed and efficiency
  • System defragmentation to boost your system’s performance
  • Removing unnecessary programs that cause delay in system functionality
  • Troubleshooting all performance issues
  • Malware and adware removal
  • Virus removal (if needed)
  • Extra charges for Installation of Anti-Virus and Firewall (if required)

Frequently Asked Questions

If your system is new and you are not having any issues using it, then it won’t need a regular cleanup as often. But if you are using a system which is more than 2 years older then it would be better to book a regular cleanup to keep the performance of your system high. Many of our customers prefer to book a regular cleanup so they would not have to face the issue of a slow running system.
If your system is brand new then you won’t be facing these issues right away so getting a cleanup once every 6 months is recommended. if your system is older than 1 year and works slower, then it would be better to get a cleanup every 3 months. But, if you have a system older than 2 years and never had a cleanup before, then we recommend to book an appointment right away for system cleanup and tune up. Our technician will be able to advise you how often your system needs a cleanup after proper inspection of your system. It is always better to avoid having such issues with your system and deal with it from the start.

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